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October 5-7, 2012

2012 – The Inaugural Year

2012 was the inaugural Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous, which was hosted by TownHouse Inns on October 5-7th. The event had attendance of over 160 guests who came for open gaming, discussion panels, a costume contest, RPG Writers Workshop, and our Iron GM™ Local tournament.

Gaming and Discussion Panels

We were very pleased to host two full days of discussion panels on gaming topics varying from getting started in the gaming business to our favorite gaming styles and the house rules we use in our games.  The support and attendance was fantastic for these.  Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous would like to thank all the panelists for theirs time and insight about gaming and the RPG industry.

 Marlesa “Mouse”
Ben Donnelly Justin Farrington
 John Goff Darren Johnson Jeff LaRock
CthulhuBob Lovely Adam Pehl CJ Ruby
John Ruggles Greg Schneider Lee Shinaberry
Finn Stallknecht Connie Thomson Robert Thomson


Costume Contest

Congratulations to Marlesa “Mouse” Crawford on winning our costume contest. She was able to take home a nice assortment of prizes for winning.

RPG Writers Workshop

The RPG Writer’s Workshop featured a contract for a PDF product to be produced and published by 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming.  The judges for the event were John Goff, CthulhuBob Lovely, Jay Peters, CJ Ruby and Greg Schneider.

Iron GM™ Local

Sunday was the big day for our Iron GM™ Local tournament.  The tournament featured 5 gamemasters and 20 players.  Prize necklaces were given to those who rolled a critical success and a neon pink dunce cap was passed around to the player or GM with the most recent botch roll.  Additional prizes were given to the player who had the most critical success rolls as well as the player with the most botches.   Fun was had by all!  Check out the highlights in the video below.