Lip Sync Battle Signup

This year, we continue with our popular Thursday night “Before Party”, and as tradition dictates the party will be kicked off by a lip sync battle! This year, we’re doing online early sign-ups for the event.

Sign-ups will be open until September 30 and there will be no sign-ups at the party – so if you want to participate, sign-up now!  You get to pick two songs, ranked by 1st choice and 2nd choice. If few people sign-up, you will get to perform both songs. If a lot of people sign-up, you will only get your 1st choice. The maximum number of participants is 10, so if you want in, sign-up as soon as you can!

In addition, in order to save time, you will be limited to 2 ½ minutes per song, so songs longer than that will be cut off at the 2 ½ minute mark. If your songs have a long intro before the lyrics start, give the time you want the song to start for you. Also, cosplay/costumes are perfectly welcome in the battle!