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Time Travel Guest of Honor

Ryan Alter (and his Delorean)

Ryan is the founder and owner of Alter Enterprise LLC of Missoula, Montana. After achieving a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from Youngstown State University in 1998, Ryan joined the University of Montana biology department and eventually served as UM’s Director of Academic Information Technology. Ten years later he left the University to start Alter Enterprise. Alter Enterprise is a technology company focusing on innovation.

Ryan is a longtime Back to the Future fan who says it was not easy to find a DeLorean of his own. “Honestly it took me a long time to find one,” he has been quoted as saying. “There are only about 5,000 remaining, so you hunt and hunt for years and years. Then when you find one, you drive across the country like a madman, with a trailer, to pick it up.“

Ryan loves to dress as either Doc Brown or Marty McFly and make appearances with his Delorean, which he often uses in conjunction with his business, Alter Enterprise.