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Montana Guest of Honor

 Phil Hatfield

 I’m Phil, also known as Grimace to many online.  In 1982 I got my first Roleplaying Game and spent many an hour with my long-time buddy Chad Kneedler playing FASA’s Star Trek Roleplaying Game.  It was glorious! But then we moved up to Alaska in ’83.  For a couple decades I was away from Montana, but I continued to play Star Trek and also had my first experience with a “hobby” game (not your typical Monopoly or Scrabble game).  It opened my mind to an amazing new world!

While In Alaska I met the gal who became my wife.  We played many games with our friends.  In 2005 we moved out of Alaska.  Prior to moving, we looked at a couple of places.  We stopped in Montana and my wife fell in love with the area and the people.  So we decided to move back to Montana with our son.  Helena ended up being the best place to move to, as I was familiar with it and it offered the best potential for jobs at the time.

I’ve designed and released, for free, a system to play Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition as a solitaire game.  I’ve created the “Deductive Clues” for the 221B Baker Street game, which has received positive comments from people on Board Game Geek.  I’ve created a “Legacy-style” addition to the game A Touch of Evil which has been successfully tested by many players.  I helped to make a solitaire Star Wars RPG Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game.  I’ve created extensive rule modifications to a game called “A War Game: World War Two” which is basically like Axis & Allies on steroids.  I worked extensively with another fellow to create “Star Fleet Battles Lite”, which makes the SFB “Lifestyle” game easily playable in an hour or two.  I’m in the process of designing a G.I. Joe board game.  I’ve previously designed, tested, and played two games; one called The Lost Crown and the other called Star Trader: The Orion Arm.  I’ve even created some D6 System roleplaying products, including a couple of “Quick Hits”… little adventure snippets and stats people can use to run a quick game, and a larger product called “Magic & Miracles”, which is a system for running various magic system in the D6 System.