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Cosplay Guest of Honor

Jacob Firman – “FireManed_Viking”

Age: 27
Catch Phrase: “For Science or General Chaos!”
Specialty: Foamsmithing
Hero/Remodel: Adam Savage
Goals: Pay off my graphic design degree. Own my own business.
Hobbies: Prop Building, Mini painting, Photography, MISC Art, RPGs, Anime, Videogames.
Top 5 RPGs: Pathfinder, Feng Shui, Rifts, Dread, Maids the RPG.

Artist first, Maker second, Jack of all trades third.
I’m that strange giant of a man that started giving out dice one year, then got others to join me in doing the same and now I’m here. So a little about myself…I have been kit-bashing and prop building for 11 years; Costuming for 9 years; role playing for 10 years. I feel props and accessories are the finishing pieces that bring everything together when it comes to Cosplay or costumes in general.  If you put the work in, be proud of what you are crafted flaws, mistakes, and errors included because it is a process. As a rule of thumb when building props from scratch I put some kind of functionality, yes you lose some realism but when it’s your own design why not have something that looks good and serves a purpose. Finally, don’t let others determine what you want to build, or cosplay as it’s your fandom and your passion, be respectful and do your thing.