Gaming Triathlon

Gaming Triathlon 2019


The Gaming Triathlon is a friendly competition between convention attendees to encourage players to widen their gaming participation at GFGR and the community in general. To do this, our triathletes will need to play in one each of a role-playing game, board game, and miniatures game.

Each triathlete pays a $5.00 entry fee for a special scorecard. The front of the card has spaces to be stamped as you complete games, while the back of the card has the rules. More importantly, they also list our Challenge Tables. These tables are the authorized games for the triathlon, and from this list, you get to figure out what games to play. Challenge Tables will be scheduled throughout the course of GFGR, starting when we open at Noon on Friday, October 10th, and ending at 2pm on Sunday the 12th.

Please present your card to the GM when you first join a Challenge Table. The GM will hold onto it during the event to remind himself of who is part of the triathlon. When the game is complete, the GM will use a special stamp on the front of your card, initialing it and returning the card to you. But wait, there’s more!  These Triathlon GMs will also be authorized to give up two bonus stamps on each card. The first bonus stamp will be in recognition of a triathlete who had a positive impact on the game, being engaged, entertaining, and creative. A second bonus stamp can be applied for a triathlete who made the game even more fun for the whole table, maybe by helping other players find their voice, or engaging them in teamwork and showing excellent sportsmanship during play. You could leave a Challenge Table with up to three stamps, and that’s important.

Turn your card into Con HQ on Sunday, between 2pm and 3pm. If you have at least one stamp in all three gaming categories, you get an entry into a drawing for TREASURES OF ATLANTIS! And here’s the important part mentioned above: for every bonus stamp you’ve been awarded, you get an extra entry into the drawing. That’s right, you could earn up to seven entries to win this mighty pile of prizes. But you need to be at closing ceremonies to win, so don’t forget to show up!

Registration will open soon.

We will take entries at the door, but the more we know in advance, the bigger and better our first annual Triathlon can be! One Entry Per Person.