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Iron GM™ Local FAQ

What is Iron GM™ Local?

Iron GM™ Local is a licensed event based on the ever popular Iron GM competition at Gen Con and other regional cons. Several GMs compete to be the best, running players through an adventure created in 1 hour. All GMs run their games at the same time in the same room, creating adventures based on three secret story elements revealed at that time. The three elements are a creature, a location, and a theme or mood.


Can anyone enter Iron GM™ Local?

Sure! But there is a limit of 12 GMs. Go here to sign up as a GM.


Can I preregister as a player in Iron GM™ Local?

If you are preregistered to attend GFGR2015 you can preregister here to be a player in Iron GM™ Local. There is a limit of 15 preregistrants, though. The remaining registration for the event must take place after GFGR2015 begins in October. But, hurry! Slots usually fill fast for this event!


If I want to be a GM, what kind of games can I potentially run?

All Iron GM™ Local GMs must run a d20-based game. We made this decision based on player feedback and to be more in line with the parent event’s rules.


What do you mean by “d20-based game?”

Any roleplaying game based on the D&D 3e ruleset is legal, such as D&D 3e, 3.5e, Pathfinder, D&D 4e, 5e, Mutants & Masterminds (1e, 2e, or 3e), d20 Gamma World, True 20, D20 Modern, Star Wars d20, etc. We would also allow AD&D 1e or 2e and Basic/Expert D&D. If you have a game you want to run and are not sure if it fits, email to inquire.


Do I bring pregenerated characters for my players?

Nope! Your players will have 1 hour to create their characters, during which time you are crafting their adventure. You are allowed to speak exactly three words to your players before game play actually begins. So, you could say to them, “all dwarf party,” or “bards and barbarians,” or “low level characters,” but nothing more. You can, however, write down stuff for your players (though this takes away from your adventure creation time!).


Can I bring an adventure I bought/wrote myself?

No. You must create your adventure on the spot using the three secret story elements we will reveal. That said, we can’t stop you from having an idea or concept in your head you wish to try. But if it doesn’t include the three secret story elements, your players will dock you points in the judging.


Can my regular group play in my game?

Nope! Players choose a table, then the GMs randomly draw numbers to see which table they have. More than half of the players at your table must be people you do not game with on a regular basis. If you draw a table with more than half the players being regulars in your own game(s), you must draw again.


Will it be nice and quiet so I can relax and concentrate?

No it will not! This is a spectator event, and the tables get loud and raucous, the announcers get loud and raucous, fumbles and critical hits are loudly announced, and prizes are awarded during game play itself. If you don’t like this type of environment, Iron GM™ Local is probably not for you.


Do I have to use critical hits and fumbles?

Yes. All natural 20 rolls and all natural 1 rolls are announced loudly. Critical successes (whether attack rolls or not) garner prizes for GMs and players alike. We encourage you to make all natural 20 rolls or any type an automatic success, regardless of penalties or bonuses. Fumbles or botches (a natural 1 on the d20) are “rewarded” with the dunce hat, which is passed around from person to person. Even GMs must wear the hat if they roll a natural 1. The last person wearing the dunce hat receives a special prize.