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Cosplay Is Not Consent

As most of us know in today’s world, we now celebrate being a geek, and where do all of us geeks go to feel happy, comfortable, safe, and connected? Conventions. We go to conventions to buy comic books and prints to support our favorite artists, we connect with one another about which super hero we like most or what TV shows we binge watch on Netflix, we even become our favorite characters through cosplay.

The cosplay community is wonderful and more than accepting, but there is always a bad apple here and there and one of the big problems that is growing at a snail’s pace is sexual harassment. Now this is not limited to just one gender, this can happen to anyone and I want to help you understand what is in your comfort zone and what is not.


Cosplay is not consent; what this means is that just because someone is wearing a cosplay, it does not give anyone else the right to treat the you, the cosplayer, improperly. Said cosplayer is not cosplaying for anyone else, only themselves.

Now if someone is making you feel really uncomfortable, nervous, anxious or uneasy whether they are following you around, bathroom patrolling, making inappropriate remarks and touching and taking photos of you without your permission, you need to speak up and tell them to stop.

If someone asks for a picture but you need to be somewhere, politely decline.

If you are not comfortable with having your photo taken, you have every right to say no; don’t let anyone put you down for it or feel pressured into doing something you don’t want to do.

If you have said no but they continue to harass you, find a staff member immediately and tell them what happened.

We are here to help and we want to make this con a safe, comfortable and fun space for you. And lastly, please remember to ask for permission first, respect your fellow attendees always and no means no!