Welcome to Cosplay Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous! Here you will find all the info you need for cosplaying at GFGR and for entering the cosplay contest! If you have any questions please email

Please review our Cosplay section of the Code of Conduct, found here!

Cosplay Contest Categories and Rules

Cosplay Is Not Consent (READ ME!)

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This year we are trying something different – while we will still be having a judged contest as usual, we will also be having a cosplay parade!

The cosplay contest judging will be held privately so no one feels judged in front of a large audience – just you and the judges! This will also give the judges an opportunity to talk to the contestants about their costumes. Prizes will be primarily in the form of gift cards/certificates for buying more cosplay-making supplies!

Don’t want to go through judging, but still want to show off your costume and have a chance at some prizes? The cosplay parade will be open to everyone who wants to march, whether you’re in the contest or not. Everyone who enters gets their name in a bucket, and names will be drawn for fun prizes like action figures, DVDs, and more!

You can enter either the contest or the parade, or both! All costumes for the contest and parade must meet the GFGR Cosplay Code of Conduct. Entry deadline for both the contest and parade is 3 PM Saturday, and the contest will be capped at 24 entrants.

Regarding the contest: all adult entrants will be eligible for both Best in Show and Judges’ Choice, and can also choose to be judged in up to two of the following as apply: Best in Craftsmanship, Best Likeness/Most In-character, Best Original Character, Best Theme Cosplay, Best Group Cosplay (minimum 2 people). Youth category contestants will be judged for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. You must be in costume and ready to go before the judges at 4 PM Saturday. Each contestant will meet with the judges privately (parent or other needed helper allowed to join) and answer any questions they have. Pop Culture chair and Safety Committee member Connie Thomson will also be present to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for everyone involved. You can see what the judging sheets look like here.

The parade will start at 6 PM in the hotel lobby. Participants should arrive in costume and ready to go at 5:45 PM to line up and receive instructions. Those who were judged for the contest should remain in the same costumes for the parade (if they choose to walk in the parade). Any participant who needs the assistance of a parent or other helper to go through the parade is welcome to have them walk with them!

At the end of the parade, there will be drawings for prizes and the winners of the contest will be announced.

Minimum prizes for the cosplay contest:
Best in Show: $30 gift card to JoAnn
Best Group Cosplay: $20 gift card to JoAnn
Judges’ Choice, Best in Craftsmanship, Best Likeness, Best Original Character, Best Theme
Cosplay: $10 gift card to JoAnn each