Art Show Rules

  1. The GFGR art show is not a judged event, but rather a display and silent auction. It is an opportunity for our artists to show off their artwork, connect with other artists and possible work contacts, and make some money!
  2. The art show is open to entry by GFGR Guests of Honor, Attending Pros, and attendees of the con who have paid for a full membership (full weekend pass). The number of entrants is limited to the Artist GoH plus six other artists. The art show director may cut off entrance applications before the deadline if the show is full.
  3. Artwork must be original designs created by the artist. Pieces submitted may be 2D-format (originals or prints of drawings, sketches, paintings, photographs/photo manipulations, etc.) or 3D-format (sculptures, painted miniatures, original 3D-printed objects). Only one copy of a print may be submitted to the art show and prints must be signed and numbered by the artist.
  4. All artwork must be based on a fantasy/sci-fi/comic book theme (including all related and subgenres). Artwork for sale may not use a copyrighted subject unless written permission has been given by the owner and is included with the art piece. (Without written permission, the art can be displayed as “not for sale.”) All art pieces must exclude excessive violence and/or graphic sex. The art show director has the authority to deny display of any art not conforming to these guidelines.
  5. The Artist GoH may enter enough artwork to be displayed on a total of three 4’x4’ panels. There are five remaining 4’x4’ panels, and enough table space equal to 4’x4’ for 3D pieces. In the event that the Artist GoH is a 3D-format artist, changes to layout will be made accordingly. In the event that the art show is not filled, first dibs at extra space will go to the Artist GoH.
  6. Each artist must have at least one piece that is for sale.
  7. All items must be ready to display upon arrival. We display 2D-format art on panels using standing hooks, so all pieces of this format must be framed, matted, or otherwise able to be propped up (such as a stretched canvas). 3D-format art must have stands or be self-supporting. Painted miniatures must be in portable display cases. These items will be displayed on tables.
  8. Artists are responsible for making sure artwork is properly prepared for display. GFGR personnel cannot mat or frame your artwork for you. Any artwork not ready for display upon arrival will not be entered in the art show.
  9. Each item entered must be marked with the artist’s name and the title of the piece. For matted, framed, or canvas artwork, please mark this on the back. For items displayed on tables, an index card should be filled out with this information, and will be taped to the table beside each piece.
  10. Each artist must completely fill out the master control sheet that will be sent to them by the art show director and return it via email. The art show director will use this information to create the bid/display sheets for each item and develop the layout for the show. The artist shall provide the following information for each piece: title, medium, format (original, print, or canvas; sculpture; miniatures; other), size of item, for sale or for display, value of item, and starting bid/buy it now price for pieces for sale.
  11. Artwork entered for display only will be designated “Not for sale” on the bid sheet.
  12. Artwork may be sold for the “Buy it Now!” price, but the buyer will be required to leave the art in the art room for display until the art show is finished.
  13. Entries will be accepted no later than two weeks before the opening of the con (September 21, 2018), with the art show director reserving the right to close off entries earlier if the show is full. The master control sheet must be returned to the art show director via email no later than the Monday of Con week (October 1, 2018).
  14. All art must be delivered IN PERSON by the artist or their authorized representative, designated and identified to the art show director in advance, by 9 AM the Friday (first day) of the con (October 5, 2018) for art show set-up. PLEASE DO NOT SHIP ARTWORK TO US! Any artist who cannot make it by the 9 AM set-up time must contact the art show director to make needed arrangements. Any artist who does not deliver their artwork by the close of the art room on Friday (6 PM) forfeits their spot in the art show.
  15. The art show director and their designated assistants will arrange and display each artist’s work, but artists are welcome to assist in the display of their own pieces. Any artists with concerns about how their art is displayed should speak to the art show director regarding possible rearrangement. Artists shall not move another artist’s items.
  16. Bidding on art show items closes at 2 PM on Sunday. A GFGR representative will be on hand at the end of the auction to tally up fees owed. GFGR will collect all money from buyers/winners and then distribute the artist’s share accordingly. GFGR keeps 10% of the final selling price of each piece. The remaining 90% will be distributed to the artist in the form of a check.
  17. The art show closes for the con at 3 PM Sunday. Unless previous arrangements have been made, all unsold items must be picked up Sunday afternoon by 3:30 PM by either the artist or his/her authorized representative. NO ARTWORK WILL BE SHIPPED BACK TO AN ARTIST!
  18. As protection of your intellectual property, no photography of the art show will be allowed by general members, however the Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous staff photographer(s) will be allowed to take photos of attendees in the art room (though not of the artwork directly). Each artist may take a photo of their art on display.
  19. No food or open drinks are allowed in the art show room, for artists and attendees alike.
  20. As laid out in the Code of Conduct, Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous is not responsible for the damage, loss, or theft of any personal property. GFGR will provide security for the art room during operating hours and will lock the doors to the room at night. GFGR security will do their best to prevent any loss of merchandise, but ultimately GFGR is not financially responsible for the loss of any merchandise. Any lost or stolen merchandise should be reported to GFGR security or staff as soon as possible. If necessary, Great Falls Police will be summoned as well.

If you would like to reserve space to show your work at Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous, please fill out the entry form here or email art show director Connie Thomson at