About Us

Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous was founded late one night in March 2012 in a downtown Great Falls diner by four friends. The first event was October 2012, and the small con proved to be a hit. The founders intended GFGR to not only bring gamers, cosplayers, and pop culture geeks together but to also spread awareness of the things we love – including the arts and sciences.


Today, GFGR is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, with a board of directors, president, and a strong planning committee (the ConCom). Proceeds from the event go towards the Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous Arts & Sciences Scholarship at the University of Great Falls and the Sletten Cancer Institute.
GFGR Founders
Adam Pehl
Connie Thomson
Robert Thomson
Jeff Watson

Current President and Board of Directors
President – Robert Thomson
Board Member – Heather Cummins
Board Member – Erik Evjen
Board Member – Roy Hensley
Board Member – Sam Hocter
Board Member – Tommy Williams

Art Show – Erik Evjen, Robert Thomson, Tommy Williams
Awards – Robert Thomson, Don Walsh, Tommy Williams
Community Activism/Outreach – Sam Hocter, Robert Thomson
Costuming – Erik Evjen, Lauren En Kuldes, Marlesa Popp
Gaming – Erik Evjen, Austin Kazda, Don Walsh
Media – Heather Cummins, Brooks Kelly, Lauren en Kuldes
Merchants – Heather Cummins, Erik Evjen
Panels – Lauren En Kuldes, Robert Thomson, Don Walsh, Tommy Williams
Prize Support – Erik Evjen, Lauren En Kuldes, Robert Thomson
Registration – Heather Cummins, Lauren En Kuldes
Scheduling – Robert Thomson, Don Walsh, Tommy Williams
Security – Jeff Beck, Erik Evjen, Sam Hocter, Austin Kazda
Theme – Austin Kazda, Lauren en Kuldes, Marlesa Popp, Robert Thomson
Volunteers – Don Walsh, Heather Cummins

Lifetime Member
Jeff Watson