About Us

Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous was founded late one night in March 2012 in a downtown Great Falls diner by four friends. The first event was October 2012, and the small con proved to be a hit. The founders intended GFGR to not only bring gamers, cosplayers, and pop culture geeks together but to also spread awareness of the things we love – including the arts and sciences.

Today, GFGR is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, with a board of directors, president, and a strong planning committee (the ConCom). Proceeds from the event go towards the Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous Arts & Sciences Scholarship at the University of Providence  in Great Falls and the Sletten Cancer Institute.

Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous Bylaws

Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous Articles of Incorporation

GFGR Founders

Adam Pehl
Connie Thomson
Robert Thomson
Jeff Watson

Current President and Board of Directors

President – James Bamfield
Board Member – Heather Cummins
Board Member – Drew Lovec
Board Member – Roy Hensley
Board Member – Sam Hocter
Board Member – Don Walsh

Board Committees (Committee chairs in italics)

AdministrationTommy Williams, Heather Cummins, Drew Lovec
Community Outreach – James Bamfield, Robert Thomson, Josh Wendt, Tommy Williams
FinanceRoy Hensley, Erik Evjen, Robert Thomson
SafetyHeather Cummins, Drew Lovec, Connie Thomson, Don Walsh, Josh Wendt
SecuritySam Hocter, Robert Thomson

ConCom Committees (Committee chairs in italics)

AwardsDon Walsh, Darren Johnson, Tommy Williams
Gaming EventsRobert Thomson, Heather Cummins, Roy Hensley, Don Walsh, Josh Wendt, Tommy Williams
Pop Culture EventsConnie Thomson, James Bamfield, Drew Lovec, Anna Ziesak
Public AffairsHeather Cummins, James Bamfield, Robert Thomson, Josh Wendt
RegistrationDrew Lovec, Heather Cummins, Josh Wendt, Tommy Williams

Lifetime Member

Jeff Watson
Adam Pehl